Andrés Bucchi

Engineer, Technologist and Entrepreneur

I'm an entrepreneur and engineer majored in business, with a strong background in programming, consulting and data analysis, who is looking for a challenge in the SF tech environment.

About me

  1. I have a strong business background and 5 years of experience as an entrepreneur. I've lived first hand the pros and cons of turning ideas into products and services, learning the importance of scalability, assessing risks, finding talent, and of course... dealing with flops.
  2. I have co-managed diverse teams of up to 16 people, with multiple products within a consistent strategy. Some of those projects turned into products that are still generating revenue with relevant costumers within the educational and banking industries in Chile.
  3. I'm a full stack developer with applied knowledge in data science and machine learning. I'm test driven and have proven experience in django, numpy, scikit-learn, pandas, redis, memcached, cloud computing, and distributed computing, amongst other well known dev and scientific tools.


  • Entrepreneur with 5 years of experience.
  • Engineer majored in business.
  • Minored in operational research and systems.
  • Experience in sales, strategic planning and continuous improvement.
  • Full stack Django developer—python, django, bootstrap, jQuery, postgresql, gunicorn, apache, mysql, redis, memcached, git/mercurial, python-rq, supervisor, etc.
  • Applied knowledge in data science, machine learning and genetic algorithms, with proven experience—pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, networkx, etc.
  • Fluent english.

Some stuff I have done

My work experience has been entirely in tech and consulting, with very diverse roles and responsibilities.

  • Content manager at (education, Palo Alto / Chile). Attain new content providers and business opportunities; manage a team of content curators and multiple service providers; code.
    • Designed and attained strategic goals for content acquirement, leading to a strategic improvement in negotiations and increase in user base.

    • Created and oversaw content production, acquirement and curation processes, which involved inbound and outbound operations.

    • Created an online python shell for playing around and testing purposes, which was implemented in python courses.

  • Co-founder and tech expert at Experimento Social (Chile). As co-founder responsibilities are diverse, but my main contributions revolved around team building, consulting, data analysis and development.
    • Attained over USD200.000 income in mobile and backend development projects for the banking industry, with multiple low production cost SaaS that continue to generate revenue.
    • Attained up to USD100.000/year contracts with some of the most relevant actors in the higher education industry in Chile, with part of the income also coming from a single low production cost SaaS.
    • Designed and implemented a custom method for strategic planning and continuous improvement for educational administration in universities, achieving planned goals with local multi disciplinary teams.

    • Used text classification and clustering to create professional development and hiring strategies for educational administration roles in universities.

    • Used multiple data sources to successfully analyze and predict cost functions and optimal separation of concerns in educational administration.

    • Used genetic algorithms and distributed computing to valuate costumer debt portfolio in universities.

    • Created, a client side recommendation engine in javascript SaaS—work in progress.
  • I have a github—also work in progress.
    • django-cacheq: background tasks using django's cache framework.
    • py-recommend: a simple user-item recommendation engine—soon to be uploaded.